10 Weird Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard About

10 Weird Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Weird Phobias
Weird Phobias You Might Not Know

The truth is that we’re all afraid of something… However, a phobia is more than just being scared from time to time.

It’s a type of anxiety that is classified as an extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something.

And while some of them might make some sense due to traumatic experiences in someone’s past, others are just completely random and weird.


Here are 10 strange and weird phobias you probably didn’t even know existed.

1. Omphalophobia


Don’t wear tank tops around omphalophobes, as they have an excessive fear of bellybuttons. Particularly of having their own bellybutton touched or even seeing one being touched.

2. Hylophobia


A walk in the park might seem like a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday, but not for someone suffering from hylophobia which is the extreme fear of wood, forests or trees.

3. Papaphobia


Papaphobia is a persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear of the Pope, despite conscious understanding and constant assurance by others that he poses no threat… Or does he? There are many people out there who believe that the Pope holds much greater power than we know, and there are a lot of conspiracy theories about the Vatican.

4. Ablutophobia


If you know someone suffering from this phobia then you better buy them a nice deodorant and perfume for your own sake. Ablutophobes are petrified of bathing, washing or cleaning!

5. Pogonophobia


It’s probably hard to be a pogonophobe is today’s hipster culture… Sufferers from this condition experience an extreme aversion to beards.

6. Somniphobia


Somniphobia (aka hypnophobia) is an irrational fear of sleeping.

This phobia may come from repeating nightmares or anxiety over the loss of time and loss of control.

7. Ergophobia


One of the most convenient phobias for all the lazy people out there. Ergophobia is an unusual fear of working or searching for a job, and also pretty much anything that includes manual labor.

8. Turophobia


One of the most unacceptable phobias out there – the fear of cheese! People suffering from this condition avoid eating cheesy products as the mere sight of them can make them uncomfortable. Hey, more pizza for the rest of us!

9. Coulrophobia


This one is kind of understandable given all the horror movies on the subject. Coulrophobia is the extreme fear of clowns, more frequently seen in small children.

10. Nomophobia


And here’s one for today’s hyper-connected society – nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Even something like running low on battery or misplace your phone for a few minutes and not be able to find it can trigger this phobia in many people.

I remember many years ago when I was a teenager, that the most important things to have on me at all times were the house keys and my wallet with an ID and some emergency cash.

Nowadays, I can lose my keys, wallet, and a bunch of other things and wouldn’t care that much… but if I were to lose my phone or have it stolen, I will have a complete meltdown.

Think about it, your sensitive and personal data is on that phone, your pictures, contacts, bank info, and other things that are more important and damaging than losing your key or renewing a driving license. So yeah, I think that this phobia is not that uncommon these days.

What do you think of this list? Do you, or someone that you know suffer from some weird phobias?