12 Super Bowl Facts That Most People Don’t Know

12 Super Bowl Facts That Most People Don’t Know


The Super Bowl should probably be declared as a national holiday. Not only does it literally stop just about everything in the country, but it’s also probably as well known as Christmas or Independence Day.  So we’ve put together 12 super bowl facts that most people don’t know about.

Super Bowl Facts

And even if folks don’t agree with that perception, no one can argue that the big sports event is a major date on everyone’s calendar in every state.


However, the history of the Super Bowl is also just as entertaining and full of facts that not everyone knows.

We’ve put together a list with 12 of the best super bowl facts

1. Roman Numerals started at III

Source: Sports Illustrated

The first Super Bowl was in 1967. The Roman numeral motif didn’t start until two more Super Bowls in 1969 when the New York Jets upset the Baltimore Colts  (who were considered the favorites) and won the game 16-7.

Super Bowls 50 was the only one to not use a Roman Numeral, due to concerns over using a sole “L” for the 50th Super Bowl logo.  For 2017 the Roman Numerals are back.

2. Super Bowl vs. Thanksgiving

Source: Pinterest

Fortunately, Thanksgiving still reigns as the day that Americans eat the most food, but Super Bowl Sunday holds 2nd place.  Let’s also not forget the 325 million plus gallons of beer consumed on Super Bowl Sunday

3. King of the Ring

Source: The Boys Are Back

Of all the Super Bowl players, it’s Charles Haley than can claim title to the most Super Bowl Rings. Mr. Haley has a whopping set of five rings, one for every finger on one hand. His winning streak was with the San Francisco 49ers.

4. Steel Town Steelers

Source: Steelers

Some might think it’s the Green Bay Packers and others the Dallas Cowboys. However, while they both played in matches against Pittsburg, it’s the Steel Town Steelers that still claim the most Super Bowl wins in history.  The magic number is 6.  That’s right – SIX Super Bowl wins.

5. The Shortest Yard

Source: Business Insider

In 2016, the Denver Broncos was the first team ever to win the Super Bowl with no more than 200 yards of offense. Only seven teams in Super Bowl history, prior to the Broncos 2016 win, finished with less than 200 yards.  All seven of those teams lost.

6. Empty Home Field

Source: Los Angeles Times

Believe it or not, no team has played the big game on their home field. Would a Gillette Stadium Super Bowl help make this possible? You never know…

7. Not Showing Up For THE Big Game

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

In 1972, the Dolphins failed big time and never scored a touchdown. Their only score was a one field goal, making it the lowest amount of points ever to be scored in a Super Bowl game.

The Dolphins made one serious scoring attempt after that. It happened in the last quarter when Bob Griese’s passes pushed the team to the Dallas 17.  But Griese fumbled a snap from center and Larry Cole was able to recover for the Cowboys.

8. Wings and Beer at Tiffany’s?

Source: CNBC

While Audrey Hepburn might eternally claim breakfast at the famed jeweler, the Super Bowl trophy itself is also a Tiffany special. At a bill of $12,500 the Vince Lombardi Trophy is crafted every year for the winner of the Super Bowl.

9. One Hell of a Coach

Source: ABC News

Tony Dungy claims the title as the first African-American professional football coach to win a Super Bowl.

10. The Outsiders

Source: Washington Post

There are four teams who never attended the Super Bowl. While two are newer teams (Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans), the other two have no excuses and have been around for decades (Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions).

11. OH SNAP!!!

Source: Ranker

The fastest score ever in the Super Bowl’s history happened within 12 seconds when Denver fouled up a snap as it flew out of center Manny Ramirez’s hands, over Peyton Manning’s right shoulder, in the end zone and resulted in a safety.  

Ramirez was widely blamed for this failure, even though Peyton Manning said that no player was at fault and that the overwhelming arena noise had contributed to the issue.

12. The Perfect Season

Source: Sports On Earth

1972 was the year that one team was able to go the entire season without a loss or tie and then pull up the big Super Bowl win. That was by the Miami Dolphins with their perfect 17-0 season.

The only other team that had a shot at beating that perfect season record where the New England Patriots.  The Patriots came so close, but the New York Football Giants had other plans and put an asterisk on New England’s legacy.

So there you have it, 12 super bowl facts, that will help you impress your friends, family, and colleagues at work.