20 Legit Ideas To Make Extra Money in 2019

Learn how to make extra money in 2019 from everywhere in the world with our in-depth guide on 20 Legit ways to make money in 2019. We’ve made sure to filter out all scams & only include methods that work 100%. 1. Make Money From Blogging Blogging is simply having your own website where you … Read more

Are Video Games Bad for You?

Are Video Games Bad For You?

Are video games bad for you? Because let’s face it—video games are addictive. Once we find a game that we like, we’ll find ourselves sitting in front of our computers or televisions with a bag of chips for hours. And after that, we’ll feel bad about ourselves. Not only did we just finish this family-size … Read more

What Is CALICO And How Is It Going To Help Us Live Longer

CALICO is a moniker for California Life Company that was launched in 2013 by Arthur D. Levinson and Google Inc. The company has a reputation as an independent research and development involved in solving aging and age-related issues. The lofty goal of helping the population live a longer and healthier life is not a far from reality. They … Read more