20 Legit Ideas To Make Extra Money in 2021

Learn how to make extra money from everywhere in the world with our in-depth guide on 20 Legit ways to make money in 2021. We’ve made sure to filter out all scams & only include methods that work 100%. 1. Make Money From Blogging Blogging is simply having your own website where you write about … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Predicting Alzheimer’s

There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching a loved one succumb to brain disease. Once it starts, it seems that there is little to do to stem the tide of mental decline. The mind slips away. It forgets faces, smiles, and events. Some 5.5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia every year. The … Read more

Are Video Games Bad for You?

Are Video Games Bad For You?

Are video games bad for you? Because let’s face it—video games are addictive. Once we find a game that we like, we’ll find ourselves sitting in front of our computers or televisions with a bag of chips for hours. And after that, we’ll feel bad about ourselves. Not only did we just finish this family-size … Read more

What Is CALICO And How Is It Going To Help Us Live Longer

CALICO is a moniker for California Life Company that was launched in 2013 by Arthur D. Levinson and Google Inc. The company has a reputation as an independent research and development involved in solving aging and age-related issues. The lofty goal of helping the population live a longer and healthier life is not a far from reality. They … Read more