20 Legit Ideas To Make Extra Money in 2019

Learn how to make extra money in 2019 from everywhere in the world with our in-depth guide on 20 Legit ways to make money in 2019. We’ve made sure to filter out all scams & only include methods that work 100%.

1. Make Money From Blogging


Blogging is simply having your own website where you write about your passions or a topic you have expert knowledge of.

You can write about anything from losing weight to self-help or even stupid viral stories, for example, the blog ViralNova which made over $450,000 in just one December.

By starting a blog and creating value (aka. Articles, Pictures & Videos)  you will start to rank on Google and that’s where the magic happens:

Your blog will receive free traffic from Google related searches.

Readers who love your content will share it on social media and you will receive even more free traffic.

You start to make a ton of cash from the Ads & Affiliate links on your blog.

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