The Eccentric Life of Billionaire Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

Mention Howard Hughes and most people think about the end of the man’s life, about the eccentricities of a billionaire. It’s fair; he was a billionaire, and he was eccentric, but that’s far from the whole story. Hughes had a brilliant mind, and he was inventive. Unfortunately, he also suffered from several physical and psychological … Read more

This is How Fashion Changed Through The Decades

In this interesting article, we will show you how fashion changed through the decades, and how amazing some of these pieces of clothing really were. Hint: In current times, we are actually copying some of the older generation’s clothing, so we aren’t that original and cool as we thought. The 1880s Ah, the ’80s – … Read more

These 30 Rare Photos Shows You The Real Wild West

From quick draw gunmen and saloon stories to tales from the frontier, there’s no shortage of legends surrounding the Wild West. The late 1800’s was a time of massive growth in the Western United States. The potential and promise of the undiscovered country led to thousands upon thousands of settlers guiding wagons west during the … Read more