21 Family Photos That Went Hilariously Wrong

21 Family Photos That Went Hilariously Wrong


Here’s an interesting collection of family photos that went very very wrong.


family photos went wrong
After this, little Trevor was always slower than the other kids.

Good thing is though, this incident happened in the soft sand, so he never actually had to ride the short bus.



funny family photos
If this doesn’t make you uncomfortable, I would reevaluate your life.

There is money in a band on his shoulder…he is a centaur. I’m not even gonna start on the lady.


weird family photos
Mama is rockin’ that middle part so hard you almost don’t notice little Trevor in the corner.

Was this mask one of the props at the studio, or there just a clear favorite in the family?


hilarious family photos
The only thing better than matching family photos is matching family photos where you get so excited you actually pee yourself.

The family began to realize that it was the camera flash causing this to happen in every picture. To this day Susie doesn’t take picture below the waist.


This picture is just gender confusing all over the board. What a beautiful, beautiful family.

However when this family showed up at Walmart, they didn’t even get a second look.


This modern day Brady Bunch is just too much. Clearly the lollipop wasn’t enough.

At nine kids though, this poor fella is really down on the middle child blues.


Marie knew she was getting a surprise for Christmas, she just thought it would be a surprise she would actually like.

Have you ever seen a grown man naked? No? Well these poor kids have.


Grandpa Jerry suggested that they all do a serious photo, but, as usual, no one heard him.

Apart from the old stick in the mud, this photo is actually impressive. Whenever they tell me to do something silly, I can never come up with something this creative.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Well maybe not a thousand. I can probably sum this up in three sentences.


I’m right there with ya, kids.

Two in a row though. I’m wondering if he’s trying to make up for the lack of intimacy that clearly drove her to another man.


Bring your family to work day was always a thrill for the Millers.

Although, something tells me he didn’t have a job much longer after this was taken, considering he clearly wasn’t doing his job.


Why have you forsaken me, father?

The messed up part is the aunt that clearly sees what is happening but she is still smiling.


Is this real? Seriously…this is too good to be real.

I think, at least one of these animals was adopted.


Fido learned how to swim much quicker than he thought he’d have to.

Seriously, who’s idea was it to take a family photo on the worlds smallest dock?


I wonder if the kid in the middle started the crying session because she thought her parents gave her a toilet seat to hold for the photo.

Ah, the irony.


“Hey! Its my old house!”

Careful kid! Some things CAN’T be unseen.


If everyone was going to make fun of Ronnie for still being single, he would show them.

Also, you know that saying that some dogs look like their owners…? Well here you go!


A normal, nice picture right? Just wait ’till you see it.

He will show YOU what he thinks about not being invited to take a family photo…


“Y’know what would make this all-denim picture better? Let’s all lay on top of each other!” said creepy Uncle Gary.

So much weird and so many dudes in this picture?


Aunt Karen never got to participate in family photos after this. (Bottom right)

It’s actually pretty creepy how normal everyone looks in this situation.


You had ONE JOB, Janice!

Just think how much better this picture would have been if she fell the other way.