Top 10 Most Unique Hotels in the World

Trying to find a hotel abroad can be a headache. The millions of options we have at our fingertips can make it nearly impossible to decide where to stay. Sometimes though are you’re making some compromises no matter where you stay. Many think of the hotel as part of the travel experience, indeed, some seek … Read more

12 Super Bowl Facts That Most People Don’t Know

Super Bowl Facts

The Super Bowl should probably be declared as a national holiday. Not only does it literally stop just about everything in the country, but it’s also probably as well known as Christmas or Independence Day.  So we’ve put together 12 super bowl facts that most people don’t know about. And even if folks don’t agree … Read more

21 Family Photos That Went Hilariously Wrong

Here’s an interesting collection of family photos that went very very wrong. #1 After this, little Trevor was always slower than the other kids. Good thing is though, this incident happened in the soft sand, so he never actually had to ride the short bus. #2 If this doesn’t make you uncomfortable, I would reevaluate … Read more