Can’t Sleep? These Nighttime Tips Will Help You To Get Some Rest


It’s important to get your beauty sleep. Sleep rejuvenates us, gives us energy, and allows our body the precious time it needs to repair before a new day starts. But what if you can’t sleep?

Can't sleep tips

You know what happens when you don’t sleep—your eyes get puffy, you’re fatigued and dizzy, and you just can’t concentrate. Everybody loves to sleep, but for some of us, staying up later and later has become a bad habit and for others, insomnia is a daily struggle.


If you can’t seem to fall asleep on time, there are things you should be doing every night to get your body back on track. The key is relaxing and knowing how your body best unwinds. Here are the best ways to get yourself to a restful state so that you can fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

1. Chill out. Try Meditation

Can't sleep? Try to meditate

Sometimes you have to set aside your electronics and just exist. Relaxing is the best way to calm down before you fall asleep. This might involve light exercises like yoga or meditation. Yoga is a great way to stretch out and relieve tension in your muscles after a long day. Meditating can also help us to separate ourselves from our fast-paced lives and focus on whatever we want even if it’s absolutely nothing.

Before falling asleep, our minds need to realize that it’s time to sleep. By putting yourself into a meditative state, you’re stopping your stress and your constant running around for just a few minutes.

2. Get Some Natural Help

How to fall asleep

Falling asleep can’t always be helped and a lot of people resort to sleeping pills to help them get some rest. While sleeping pills can help you fall asleep, they can often leave you feeling drowsy in the morning. There are natural ways to get some rest without feeling the harsh side-effects.

Melatonin is a natural supplement that’s already in our bodies. It regulates our sleep cycles and helps us to wake up feeling our best. You can find this at the drug store or the health food store. By adding this supplement to your diet, you’ll fall asleep easier and when you wake up, you won’t want to hit the snooze button!

Another personal favorite is non-caffeinated tea. I love tea, and I can’t get enough of it. Herbal teas come in hundreds of different flavors and are super relaxing and calming. Just the smell of a nice cup of tea puts me in a calm state-of-mind. There are also natural sleep-aid teas that can help you fall asleep. Many of them have warmer flavors like chamomile and star anise and they work wonders.

3. Leave Your Workspace

things to do when you can't sleep

Studies show that working in the same area that you sleep is a bad habit and can actually make it a more stressful environment that’s harder to sleep in. If all we do is work in it, we’ll start to associate it with that high level of stress and responsibility.

Keep your work out of your bedroom and try not to bring or talk about work inside your room. You should make it a happy, no-stress environment.

If you live in a small space and need to work in your bedroom, leave your desk clean and organized once your day finishes. A messy space can easily put us in a bad mood instead of a calm, relaxed one.

4. Bore Yourself to Tears

Reading can help you sleep faster

Really. Every night I turn off the lights, pull out my kindle, and read a few pages of Moby Dick. Anything that absolutely bores you to death is a fantastic sleep aid. This is for all those times you were nodding off at work, but couldn’t—only now you can.

You can also watch a boring documentary or even count sheep because even though it’s laughable, it does work. Repetitive tasks are boring.

5. Check Off That To-Do List

trouble with falling asleep

Nothing puts me into a better mood than knowing that I’ve completed all of my daily goals. If you don’t have a schedule or a to-do list, then make one! If you do, then cross off what you’ve done before you sleep.

Knowing that you’ve had a productive day or that you have less to do tomorrow will put you in a much happier state of mind. Complete your goals and rest easy!

Falling asleep isn’t always as easy as it should be especially if your mind is wound up or if you have insomnia. Thankfully, there are some easy things that you can do to put your mind at ease and transition yourself into a peaceful and sleep-ready state. So, pull up your covers and don your sleep mask. It’s time for a much-needed full night’s rest.