What Is CALICO And How Is It Going To Help Us Live Longer


CALICO is a moniker for California Life Company that was launched in 2013 by Arthur D. Levinson and Google Inc. The company has a reputation as an independent research and development involved in solving aging and age-related issues.

The lofty goal of helping the population live a longer and healthier life is not a far from reality. They are partnering with some of the nation’s top researchers and marketing teams to bring the drugs from the research phase to the consumer.


CALICO’s Goal to Defy Death

The goal of CALICO is to defy death and aging. Finding the cause of the aging process and ways to slow the aging process are the primary goals of CALICO Labs. Cancer is one of the diseases that end lives much too soon, but it is not the primary focus of CALICO Labs. They also research the cardiovascular and neurological aspects of aging.

CALICO Partners with AbbVie

CALICO has partnered with AbbVie, a Chicago-based pharmaceutical company, to create and distribute new medications that would treat diseases faced by the elderly.

The research firm will be located in San Francisco. AbbVie will be involved in the process of clinical trials, drug development, and marketing aspects.

Cynthia Kenyon

Cynthia Kenyon / By Bengt Oberger – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Geneticist Cynthia Kenyon is an integral participant of the team assembled by the California Life Company to combat aging. She is the Vice President of Aging Research.

She is well known for her studies of molecular biology and her theory that aging is controlled by genetics. Genes and regulatory proteins cause cells and tissues to repair themselves and ultimately control the rate of aging.

Hal V. Barron, M.D.

Dr. Barron is head of the research and development department of CALICO. He previously was involved in Genentech research projects, Arthur Levinson’s previous endeavor.

He has a record of being a top drug developer. He specializes in cardiovascular research and specialty drugs that lead to longer lives.

Treating Parkinson’s Disease

CALICO is partnering with UT Southwestern Medical Center and 2M Companies to combat neurodegenerative disorders that are the result of nerve cells aging and dying.

The P7C3 compounds have been recently disclosed to be successful in reversing neurodegeneration in animals. The California Life Company will take the research and bring it into commercial use by the human population who are suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Medical Chemistry

Taking the research from the lab to the patient is where CALICO comes into the picture with the partnership with UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The research done by the medicinal chemists will be analyzed by the team and translated into a useful form for humans. Therapies designed in the company’s labs in the future could correct a variety of neurodegenerative illnesses such as ALS and depression.


By battling and tempering the effects of the diseases that cause elderly people to suffer and age quickly, CALICO will be extending the quality of life and lengthening the number of days that people are living happily and not in distress.

CALICO’s research and development will help overcome these serious health challenges, allowing the senior citizen population to enjoy more activities and spend time with loved ones.